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Valley of Southern Oregon
CPE Results  - May 6 - 8, 2016
Friday Jumpers 345C
Friday Jumpers 12
Friday Snooker 345C
Friday Snooker 12
Saturday Fullhouse 12345C
Saturday Standard 45C
Saturday Standard 3
Saturday Standard 2
Saturday Standard 1
Saturday Jackpot 45C
Saturday Jackpot 3
Saturday Jackpot 12
Saturday Colors 345C
Saturday Colors 12
Saturday Jumpers 345C
Saturday Jumpers 12
Sunday Jackpot 12345C
Sunday Standard 45C
Sunday Standard 23
Sunday Standard 1
Sunday Colors 345C
Sunday Colors 12
Sunday Wildcard 345C
Sunday Wildcard 12
Sunday Snooker 345C
Sunday Snooker 12
AKC Trial Premium
Sept. 2-5
TDAA Trial Premium
Oct. 15-16