Jack was destined to be in our house.  Years ago, my
husband and daughter had picked Jack out to give to me for
a birthday gift.  As it turned out, I bought myself a birthday
gift that year, and my gift was the same puppy they had
picked out - only I brought her home 3 days before them.

Although Jack never got a Q in her agility trials, she made
sure that everybody was in the spot they were supposed to
be in.  As a German Shepherd, she knew her job was to check
out the perimeter, and she did.  She had fun in agility and
loved to complete a course.  Every time she finished a course,
she would jump up in the air with all four feet off the ground
to celebrate!

Jack's two best friends were her Schipperke sister, Jessica,
and her cat brother, Mr. Thompson.  Jack loved to sleep on
the beds and the couch, and if there wasn't a human to
snuggle up with, she would snuggle up with Mr. Thompson.  
There wasn't a human she met that she didn't love, nor an
animal that she didn't want to play with.

She was our big goofy girl and will be missed for years to

Beth Moline