Brags & Photos
From left to right:  Beth Moline with Semi-finalist Jessica-Rescue & Veteran&
Chex-Rescue. Linda Larsen with Semi-finalist Ozzie-Rescue & Veteran. Corlane
Eacott with Finalist Tova-4th place 12", TACH, Rescue & Semi-finalist Laken.  
Coreen Clark with Finalist Keeto (on the table)-8" Champion, 2nd-Weave Pole
challenge, Rescue. Jessica Cook with Semi-finalist Jesse-Rescue.  Tracy Fihn with
Finalist Gizmo-3rd 12". Heidi Jankowski with Finalist, TACH Brindle & Bow-Rescue.  
Pictured below - Joan Wieckowski with Arnold-3rd Distance Challenge.  Not pictured
- Kathy Fueston & Finalist Cassie-3rd 8".
RCA Members Make a Great Showing at the
TDAA Petit Prix , October 2010