Kira came to me as a stray 14 years ago at about 6 months of age. She was
dirty, scared and very clingy. She passed away on June 17th, 2005 from lung

Kira and I started Agility when she was 8 years old and overweight. It took me
a year to get the pounds off but we did it. She was slow and steady and always
tried to get the horse poop in the arena. I don't think she ever did a whole
course without eating some. She never competed as I wasn't comfortable
jumping her full height. She taught me so much about Agility. She continued
in classes for about 4 years until she decided to dive off almost the top of the
A-frame at home and caused an injury to her front leg.

At that point, Kira needed to retire - which was very hard for me. She did low
easy Agility at home almost until the day she died. She never wanted to quit
so I put the bars on the ground and did jumps and tunnels and chutes with
her. She would sneak on the full height dog walk and go: "Look at me mom, I
can still do it!"  She scared me to death when she did that behind my back.

Kira was the most loyal dog I have ever known and saved my life once when I
got between a cow and it's calf. The cow charged and Kira came flying
through the air and grabbed the cow by the head to turn her away from
running over me. I will never forget her and miss her very much. She was a
very special dog in a lot of different ways.

By Dianne Quarg